Season planning

April is a pretty chilled out month in terms of training. We get time to do things other than just eat, sleep and train. One of the most important things we do is planning of the next seasons training. I have had time to do some thinking about next year and have a rough outline of what I plan on doing this coming season. Below is a vague overview of total hours for this coming season, divided by month.

Month Hours
May 65
June 80
July 90
August 90
September 95
October 85
November 75
December 75
January 70
February 60
March 50
April 30


Basically my plan is fairly similar to last year. I have increased the total volume by about 40 hours, which isn’t a huge amount over 365 days. During the early summer I will be putting an extra focus on core-stability, balance and flexibility. Hopefully this will allow me to become a technically better and more efficient skier. Throughout the summer I will be doing a lot of work roller-skiing without poles, also to help me improve technically.


In May I will be doing more of this- core stability, demonstrated here by Espen

Over the course of the last few years I have noticed that I tend to have a form-peak 1 to 2 weeks after the Tour de Ski. This season I am going to try having a couple of intensity bulks, to mimic racing the Tour, and hopefully get the same form-boosting effect. I am planning on putting in 1 intensity bulk just prior to the season start, and 1 just before the World Championships in Falun. These intensity weeks are pretty much the only big change to my training from last year. Otherwise any changes are just adjusting of the finer details.

Keep up to date with my training and see if I manage to stick to my plan with my online training diary at  All the heart-rate, gps and altitude data from my Suunto watch are stored here.


All the data from my training is recorded by my Suunto Ambit 2 watch